liberal ["liberalis" L - suitable for a freeman, generous; "eleutheros" Gk - free] (adj) generous, open-minded, not subjugated to authoritarian domination; (n) one who believes in liberty, universal suffrage and the free exchange of ideas. elite ["eslire" Fr -- to choose fr.L "eligere" -- choose] (n) the choice part; best of a class; the socially superior part of society.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Leaving the USA

Everybody's heard friends joke about leaving the country if Bush wins. Why would anybody say that? Fear of being thrown in jail for wearing a Kerry/Edwards t-shirt? Fear of loss of other civil liberties? Fear of being sick and unable to afford health care. Fear of terrorists setting off a nuclear bomb near a major city. Disgust with corporate news media. Disgust with the education system. Disgust with the transportation system.

How's that for starters?

What other option is there, dropping out?


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