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Thursday, February 24, 2005

John Snow, continued

Treasury Secretary John Snow spoke to the Chamber of Commerce in Tampa, Florida today. He told them that entrepreneurs and small businesses are the linchpin of the economy, and that's why President Bush refuses to raise taxes. It would hurt the hard-working middle class.

President Bush is also very compassionate in his feelings toward the children and grandchildren of retirees and workers born in 1950 or before. In fact, he is giving them a Special Deal, according to Secretary Snow, whereby their Social Security program won't be altered nor their promised benefits lowered.

In other words, if you were born in the last 54 years, and President Bush has his way, neither the Social Security program nor its benefits will be there for you.

But John Snow says that's because he's such a strong AND compassionate leader, and John Snow knows so much about compassion. At the heart of his speech in Tampa, he pitched a knuckleball:
No, those of us of a certain age aren't the ones who need to worry. It's our children and their children who will be left out by the current system. They are the ones President Bush is worried about.
He's making Bush sound like George Washington, a "father" worried about his "children."

Isn't that how Stalin used to refer to himself and the Soviets while backstage, he was shipping them off to starvation labor camps by the millions?

Beware Greeks bearing gifts. Beware the compassion of Conservatives! The Iraquis are reaping the fruits of George Bush's "compassion." So are the US Army and National Guard veterans and their families, the poor, the aged, the sick, the unemployed, and the students.

But Snow is the biggest con man since the Wizard of Oz. He actually has the nerve to stand there in front of the Chamber of Commerce of Tampa, FL and say this
The numbers simply don't work. As a result, today's 30-year-old can expect a 27 percent benefit cut from the current system when he or she reaches retirement age. The problem actually becomes more expensive with each passing year. And as it is, we are looking at $10.4 trillion in unfunded liabilities.
Is he even a member of the same government that runs the Social Security program? Doesn't he even read the trustees' or the Congressional Budget office reports? In 2042, if no adjustments are made, there may be a shortfall. (The trustees are expected to push it back two more years when they release their new report next month.) We'll see.

Meanwhile we have a record budget deficit, a record trade deficit, the price of oil is at an all time high, we have 150,000+ plus troops in Iraq, more in Afghanistan, and Defense spending is scheduled to increase by just under 9% next year.

What are they so worried about Social Security for?

It's obvious: they're not. Social Security is not in trouble. They want to wreck the power of government to regulate industry, raise taxes and manage the state and the economy. They want to burn down Monticello.

The whole society will utterly collapse in about a year because Snow and his boss didn't think it through. There will be disease with no health care, there will be workers without jobs, families without homes or money, no roads, no cars, no fuel, no food. That's what they want. A total collapse of the social order.

Why? So they can seize power, do away with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and rewrite the laws to benefit their own twisted vision of reality.

Most Republicans don't see that this is what's in store for them. They are too full of hate and fear of other people to look at the whole situation with any clarity. But Jack Snow knows. He's one of the insiders. He's one of the sirens now. He's luring the people, his people to their destruction so they can be robbed and subjugated by tyrants.


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