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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Susan Hu and BooMan publish a piece in Mydd about the Newsweek retraction.

Aside from the problem of a new sub-Orwellian depth of inhumanity and hypocrisy has been plumbed by the Administration and the corporate media, our correspondents have cared enough to try to help us all deal with it.

Most of us, myself included, shrug, hang our heads, pray, cry, get really sad or angry, and then go on with our lives.

What people like me can be grateful for now are people like these bloggers who take a more proactive approach. They carefully and painstakingly point out the truth, document it, refute its opponents, and publish their words in a way that will enlighten those of us who care about truth, and enrage those of us who care about hating the truth.

It's courageous now to speak the truth about our government, our society, our country. Look what's happening in our "democracy." The journalists are now the new leaders, freedom fighters and heros. Our military is not defending us from our enemies any more. They are making enemies for us.

It is the people willing to risk their name, their careers, their freedom or their lives by speaking out against the military dictatorship, who are the real defenders of freedom. Because freedom today in the U.S. is only a hope, it is not a reality. They are heros for having the courage to speak out in hope for freedom and humanity.


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