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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

John Chuckman writes

about the recurring patterns in history: Hitler's Shadow and the Coming Storm.
Bush's obtuse "Doctrine" concerning pre-emptive attacks on those regarded as threats is an exact mimicry of Hitler's attitude towards Russia.

Hitler's way of explaining to Germans his vision for gaining resources and the economies of scale to assure Germany's future greatness was the word "lebensraum." He hoped to duplicate the economic advantages of America's size through a single great stroke in Russia.
Bush's invasion was supported by a more modern and limited notion of lebensraum. Generally over the last half century of America's world ascendancy, force is no longer used to extend the lands under direct American rule.

There are minor exceptions, but directly ruling large additional portions of the world would be costly, inefficient, and often counterproductive. America's homeland long ago reached a size adequate to guarantee it many future economic advantages. Locals may rule abroad so long as they do not question American policies and privileges. Force is used to intimidate or eliminate those who disagree.

I detect an underlying anti-semitic thread, but he isn't overt about it other than to say that attacking Iraq was intended, among other things, to neutralize Israel's most dangerous enemy.


I saw something so laughably extreme last night on the internet that I am compelled to think of it as a fabrication. It was at She talks about how the neocons are Nazi-wannabes who have joined in with the Special Forces and Psyops to brainwash or blackmail the top brass into an army of mob-style hitmen and "dirty" warriors. Her film, which will be discussed in greater detail in the future on this blog, seems to be associated with Erik Hufschmid, the producer of several 9/11 "conspiracy" works.


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