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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bushco is going out of business

Today on After Downing Street, Senator Barbara Boxer had a long post about how the Bush administration has screwed up so badly, that it is hard to have confidence in them any more.

My reply to her was
The people of the US are marginalized from the political process, much as the Latin American populations once were.

The people are ready to bring meaningful positive change to this country: our society and our policies. But we lack leaders with the vision, the will and the energy to mobilize the population.

Nobody is counting Bush's errors or misstatements anymore, except the media pundits and the Beltway powerbloc.

We have--or had--resources to make the world better for EVERYONE, cleaner, more just, and safer--even for posterity. Bush, the Pentagon, and the politicians have squandered that wealth and capital, while their media covered the true picture with a film of deception.

"Today, the word of this President and his administration has been called into question. Frankly, it is hard to believe those words any longer on Iraq."

This is the understatement of the millenium. The only people who PRETEND to believe the White House are the Congress and the media. There's no point in arguing about it anymore.

It's time to move on to making the world a better place--less like a secret prison cell, or a bombed out village, or one half million starving and forgotten refugees, or a hole in the ozone bigger than the United States, or melting permafrost and Arctic ice, and less like the overcrowded, isolated American prisons and the temporary "Bushvilles" of Gulf Coast refugees.

No one can pay attention to two things at the same time. So what's it going to be, Senator Boxer? Are you going to lead the people to better ourselves, our country and our children's world? Or do you want to try to point the finger at Bushco and wait until somebody else who really wants to lead comes along?


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