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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Of Love and Fear

Bill Frist, resigning from the Senate in order to run for President, ostensibly, explains how love and fear can be mixed in American marriage today:
Activist courts are usurping the power to define this social institution. And if marriage is redefined for anyone, it is redefined for everyone. The threat is real.

Just when you thought the greatest danger was terror, Bill Frist has to come along and muddy up the waters again.

The American people have a right to settle the question of what marriage will be in the United States.

Marriage is an issue that rightly belongs in the hands of the people.
What really scares me, though, is, if marriage is an issue that belongs in the hands of the people, what issue does he say doesn't belong in the hands of the people?

Furthermore, which people get to define marriage for everybody else? The people who get to marry whomever they want, or the people who don't get to because they are being discriminated against in marriage legal restrictions?


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