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Saturday, October 30, 2004

OBL Tape and Marine Fallujah Offensive Political

If you had a sneaky feeling someone else was back there -- with Osama bin Laden -- behind the World Trade Center attacks, maybe you're having a deja vu right now.

What happened to Bush's approval rating after 9/11 and "sending in the troops" in Iraq?

So why are they playing this refrain again?

Because the polls are so close going into the election, Bush has to have a BIG October surprise to justify the landslide he's going to get courtesy of the electronic voting machines!

They can rig 29% of all voting machines. Think they won't do it? Trust 'em?

If the tape and the attack didn't occur before the election, everybody would know that the election is rigged.

But thanks to Bush's "strong rating on fighting terror," these news developments can explain away the surprising red count on election day.


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