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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

drip drip drip

The flood hasn't started yet, but this might give it a little momentum.

The author is on the faculty of Yale law school and presents what reads as the most cogent case yet for a fraud investigation into the election.

The recounts in NH and Ohio have not made it into the mainstream media yet.

Furthermore, it looks as if the one MSNBC reporter who was covering the story is getting canned. I'm not buying the "vacation" cover.

Let's face it: there's an industrywide gag order on this story, and anyone who leaks it is going down.

GMAFB, I am so sick of election-stress and gag-rule tension and hypocrisy. One of the things driving me crazy is this BLOG and reformatting it to put links on the side. Ai, chihuahua!


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