liberal ["liberalis" L - suitable for a freeman, generous; "eleutheros" Gk - free] (adj) generous, open-minded, not subjugated to authoritarian domination; (n) one who believes in liberty, universal suffrage and the free exchange of ideas. elite ["eslire" Fr -- to choose fr.L "eligere" -- choose] (n) the choice part; best of a class; the socially superior part of society.

Monday, November 08, 2004

more on voting rights

Here's the ACLU NY Voter Empowerment Card link.

What sickens me so much about our 'lections is the rush to win. We're so blinded by fear and powerlust that we can't see the riches of fairness and equality.

If the President can't suggest that all the votes should be counted before he retakes the reins, he shouldn't be President. None of these other so-called patriots should be in office, either. If we can't honor what we have in each other, we can't move forward one step together.


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