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Monday, November 01, 2004

RNC/BC04 charge "fraud, intimidation" in PA

I'm staying in a Republican-leaning district in PA, doing GOTV. This afternoon I checked the answering machine. One of the messages said [paraphrase]

"John Kerry and his trial lawyer running mate are trying to use
tactics of fraud and intimidation to keep voters away from the
polls tomorrow. But don't let it affect you.

Republican lawyers around the country are already filing lawsuits
to protect voters against fraudulent Democratic voting practices
and hardball election tactics.

Remember to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 2nd and vote
Republican. Don't let Kerry and the trial lawyer's hardball tac-
tics keep good Republicans from supporting our President and
Republican candidates on election day.

This message is provided by the Republican National Committee
and approved by Bush/Cheney '04."

I was appalled. My mom is a registered Republican who voted for Kerry by absentee ballot. She's 81 years old and lives by herself. I was pissed off that some thug was trying to scare her with these lies!


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