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Monday, December 13, 2004

greg palast strikes again

Greg Palast is reported to have spoken on election fraud at NY Society for Ethical Culture on December 10, 2004. I link to daily Kos story re same. Why didn't I read about this in the paper? What did Richard Clarke say?

Here is a link to Society of Secular Humanism article on fourteen characteristics of fascism in a society. How many can you identify from your hometown, state, or country in 2004?

Common Sense Voting Reform
As usual, Common Cause is in the forefront of the voting reform debate by virtue of reason and organizing skill. This is a shout out to their column in favor of election reform: one of the few such internet sites that mentions that the 109th Congress will be required to re-promulgate the Voting Rights Act. Common Cause also stipulates some very practical and efficient suggestions for expanding election fairness.


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