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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

now a trickle

There are more stories than ever on the election results. All of the stories about recounts and potential irregularities are looking stronger and stronger, while the results in Ohio and Florida are looking shakier and shakier. But, who's looking?

Apparently they had Jesse Jackson on a talk show with Robert Novak. Novak seemed to say that, it was better to live with the results of a stolen election than to disrupt the country in order to force a fair vote count.
NOVAK: Reverend Jackson, in 1960, the first election I covered, they stole the election from Richard Nixon in Illinois. In Texas, there was a difference of less than 12,000 votes. And they took care of those very nicely. But Nixon never protested. The Republicans never protested because, in the interests of the country, they didn't want to have -- put the country through something.
You surely don't want to have some kind of question whether who won this election when it's not 10,000 or 12,000 votes. It's, as Paul says, what, 136,000 votes.

JACKSON: Well, we should be better 44 years later in the counting of an election. I mean, if we can protest an unfair election, a questionable one in Ukraine, why can't we have a good one here in our own country?
The point is, there are court suits asking, A, that all ballots be counted; 92,000 unprocessed ballots have not been counted; 155,000 provisional votes have not all yet been counted. And so, to expect all votes to count is reasonable. Whether Kerry win or loses, let the winner win and the loser lose, but count all the votes. That's a reasonable democratic expectation.

This is provided courtesy of Bob Fertik's blog on Fertik also has a really nice compendium of November Ohio election bullets. This rocks! Thank you, Bob. Thank you, Jesse.


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