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Friday, February 25, 2005

The Latest News on our Exit Strategy

Ari Berman over at the Nation serves up a toasty-hot appetizer on our Iraqi exit strategy.

Didn't everybody vote for Bush because they WANTED us to stay in Iraq permanently -- no matter what the cost in blood, treasure and friendship -- for the oil access?

Who's surprised? What surprises me is how dumb/naive everybody is acting about our "exit strategy" or lack thereof.

The insurgents aren't fooled.

Even Bill Scher is soft-pedaling the crescendo to this in his criticism of the centrist Dems in LO yesterday.

Sickest of all, Scher points out Hillary's posture:
Most importantly, she doesn’t make a clear distinction between the parties on this fundamental issue, leaving open the possibility that she would support them.
Oh great, Democrat imperialists. Lovely!


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