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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A picture is worth . . .

Another stunning photo op by our fearless leader. He certainly looks like he belongs right in there, rearranging the world stage, pushing other strongmen and bullies around in the name of "freedom!" and "democracy!" Just think how happy the Iraqis are that Bush is our President and he won't abandon them until all their oil is gone.
And after all, we've spent only $200+ billion and killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of people so that Syria could pretend to pull their army back to Becca Valley. Egypt is even talking about Democracy! The Palestinians and the Saudis had elections! So did Iraq!

Even if it bankrupts this GREAT NATION of ours, the cradle of liberty in the new American century, even if we all get killed or starved or just go "flat bust," it will be worth it if George Bush can replace Reagan on the dime.

The New World Order comes to A Theater Near You

Today, in a Reuters article written by Steve Holland, Bush talked tough again to the bad guys -- you know who: Syria! Bush made a comment that releived the anxieties of readers here in the U.S. as much as was intended to unsettle the Syrian "old guard." Bush said,
By now it should be clear that authoritarian rule is not the wave of the future. It is the last gasp of a discredited past".
The reason that statement is such a relief to Americans is that, just today, in fact, Representative Louise Slaughter (D-NY), appeared with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi before the press to discuss Democracy in the United States. They were announcing the release of a new report, authored by Slaughter, on the Republican rules abuses in the House of Representatives.

Announcing the report, Pelosi said,
This report provides devastating details of the profound abuse of power that characterizes House Republicans after 10 years in the majority. It demonstrates how House Republicans have completely abandoned not only the standards they set for themselves 10 years ago, but how they have also abandoned any other principle of fairness and accountability. In fact, many non-partisan analysts said that the 108th Congress not only matched the worst abuses of earlier Congresses, it has set a new standard.

And the report could not have been more timely. While this Republican Administration has spoken strongly about promoting democracy around the world, the House Republican Leadership is working feverishly to undermine democracy here at home.
Ironic, isn't it?


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