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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bush pivoting on Social Security Reform

In an effort to undercut his opposition ot phasing out Social Security, President Bush has once again focussed on strengthening faith based organizations.

In a Reuters article strangely devoid of details, Tabassum Zakaria quoted Bush as saying
Government has got to find ways to empower those whose mission is based upon love, in order to help those who need love find love in society.
No details were given as to where Bush made the statement, other than "at a conference."

Zakaria did include some more information in the article, but his use of "Some critics" in the following quotation seems misleading at best.
Some critics say providing government funding to religious organizations crosses the boundary of separation between church and state and is a bid to court conservatives.

"Unfortunately, there are some roadblocks -- such as the culture inside government at the federal, state and local level that is unfriendly to faith-based organizations," Bush said.

A more objective description of "some critics" might have been, "the framers of the Constitution," or "traditionally, most Americans."

This has Council for National Policy written all over it.


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