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Friday, March 18, 2005

Stand Together In Grief and Hope

WHAT: The New York Vigil For Peace

WHERE: Inside Central Park (southwest corner) Enter at Merchants Gate

WHEN: Saturday, March 19, 7 AM to Midnight. (See schedule below for details)

WHO: All concerned or willing participants from the Greater NY community

HOW: Bring something to share with the group, and/or the public.
Scroll down for the Schedule of Events

8:30Opening prayers, meditation
9:30 Prepared liturgy
Reading of names
Open mike
12:00 Lunch
open mike
public witness
informal sharing
2:00 Open mike
4:00 Prepared Liturgy
Group prayer and meditation
Open mike
6:30 Supper break
open mike
public witness
informal sharing
8:00 Reading of Names
Prepared Liturgy
Open Mike
10:30 Candlelighting
Group Meditation and Prayer

The New York Vigil For Peace will be held in Central Park on Saturday, March 19th. The different segments of the event will continue throughout the day. Much of the time will also be allotted for informal speeches, readings, music or art presentations, performance, spontaneous action, and informing the general public.
Participants will be able to come and go as their schedules permit without fear of missing the event.

Participants are encouraged to bring readings, prepared remarks, songs to share, liturgical passages, and any other appropriate performance or artistic expression -- such as dramatizations -- that will lend meaning to the event and support to the group.

The organizer hopes that we can provide ourselves and each other with a spiritually significant moment of joining in grief and hope. It is my prayer that this moment will empower us to go forward afterward, in faith and good conscience, to work for peace. We encourage participants to exchange contact information and interests in contributing to future efforts to build a community of good will among non-aligned, nonpartisan, nondenominational and unaffiliated participants.


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