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Friday, August 05, 2005

Farm Sanctuary

Last night I went to Time's-Up! for the 8:00 movie. It was Peaceable Kingdom, a documentary produced with Farm Sanctuary.
It was a very disturbing and sad expose of the meat industry in the United States and how profit and desensitization have led the industry and the American consumer to inflict extremes of cruelty upon our animals.

I immediately decided to go vegetarian again.

There was a Farm Sanctuary representative there and we were able to ask her questions about the organization afterward.

What disturbs me as much as the violence we permit to be inflicted in our names is how oblivious to it and complacent about it we all are.

We live in a bubble of blissful ignorance about the horror that any creature outside that bubble is made to suffer on our behalf: this is my body, given up for you. Soon, the forces that inflict torture and violence will turn their consumption and destruction upon us, and then eventually upon themselves. They cannot control it. They are possessed.


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