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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Reform Campaign Financing

Campaign for America's Future has a campaign finance reform page where they ask for your ideas on campaign finance reform. I said
I am against the death penalty, but white collar crime needs to have the most severe punishments in the code. Greatly increase the severity of the punishments against white collar and political money criminals.

Strict limits need to be set on campaign spending The amount of advertising allowed in any race is to be regulated by the people's government at a very low level. All other campaign spending of any kind must desist six months before the election. The candidates cannot "advertise" as they do now, but only, with their limited funds, state their positions on issues.

Finally, all contributions by lobbyists or their friends, families, business associates or anyone connected with them are forbidden. Corporate or other non-human entities are forbidden from donating funds -- or from having funds donated on their behalf -- to politicians or people or organizations associated with them.


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