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Friday, February 10, 2006

Make It Bitter For Traitors

"The Patriot Act." So that's what they call it. What's the title supposed to mean?

Citizens allow government privilege and control of private information and actions?

It means the government is trying to equate "patriotism" with promoting and allowing government control on the community and personal levels.

It's another lie. That has nothing to do with "patriotism."

Patriotism is just the opposite, in fact. It's a willingness to take risks on behalf of the rights and freedoms and responsibilities and commitments that all citizens share, and to take those risks voluntarily, freely, without government coercion.

Patriotism is about people doing what's right for the country, not what the government tells us is right.

If things like the so-called "Patriot Act" were truly patriotic, then we would still be a British colony.

But the deception of the "Patriot Act"'s name is indicative of the character of the Bush administration.

As Patriots, we need to see that we are in a war--not against a small CIA-created foreign party of operatives, but against the terrorists who want to use fear to take away our liberty.

Once we give it up, we will have to fight to get it back, and there isn't any guarantee we will win--not in our lifetimes.

Fight terror by casting out fear with love of country, truth, and liberty. If our government isn't satisfied with that, then they've shown enough about THEIR CHARACTER for us to see that they need to be cast out, too.

If our leaders can't lead with anything but scare tactics and war, they are very bad leaders and need to be propelled from office immediately.

We are animated pieces of the earth, the creations of the stars, the waters, and history. We have nothing to fear. We have a job to do.

We are here to preserve and improve conditions for our children and posterity. The notion that we need to pass "patriot" acts, cut social programs, and drain the treasury to fight "al-Qaeda" is preposterous. Only brainwashed people could accept such rationale.

The traitors are those who would sell out the true riches of our country--our values, our community, our land and resources, our system of government--and pervert it into a "fear-based" war and profit-making machine.

Those leaders need to feel the bitterness of following their flawed ambition.

Let's rally to crush the Patriot Act. It's the patriotic thing to do.


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