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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

this saturday, get out and do something

Dear International Herald Tribune,

There is no, "Iraq War."

Just like the so-called, "Global War On Terror," the United States of America's war machine, funded by an annual budget of $500 billion, has created a conflict where none existed.

The oil companies, security contractors, weapons makers and defense industry war profiteers are raking in profits while the American people go bankrupt.

We go bankrupt, not just economically--borrowing trillions to fund a war without sacrifice at home--but morally. We are no longer guardians of freedom and justice. The world now knows--and we can no longer hide from our own disinformed citizens--that we are aggressors seeking to dominate commerce and natural resources through military preeminence, out of greed and fear.

Have you seen the hospitalized, wounded, maimed and murdered women, children, and men of Iraq? Have you seen the pervasive poverty in Afghanistan?

How can a destructive juggernaut, no matter how expensive, ever bring about peace, renewal, prosperity and democracy?

It can't. And all our ignorance about our country's use of force will never change that. But our blindness will mean the electricity goes out, the torture continues, the levelling of cities and fouling of water supplies go on.

They go on and they will soon visit our shores. For we are a people who have forgotten that character is fate, and as we sow, so shall we reap.

March on April 29th, for God's sake.


Liberal Elite


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