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Thursday, April 06, 2006

How to Clean Up A Big Mess

The Defense Budget is consuming the economy. The corporate world is in bed with the weapons people. Money, energy, technology, force: it's all getting organized under the menacing auspices of the DOD.

They aren't going to slow down, or even run out of gas until they have consumed the lives, the minds, the energy and the wealth and resources of our society and the world.

It's the nature of power systems to exploit and consolidate resources, making them their own while expanding more and more as they gain more power.

The US is an inch away from being a military state, not a democracy. It's a mess because our resources and productivity are so intertwined with military institutions and systems.

The solution is to swamp our military's organizational power in one fell swoop-- a la Katrina. We need to pull a Hercules cleans the Augean stables. As we know, our government is great at bombing stuff, but we don't do clean-ups.

By the time the Pentagon had a chance to reorganize, the people of North America would have had ample time to restructure our society on a non military dominated basis. We could have something more like a cooperative society, or an environmentally sustainable society instead.

It's gotten to the point where the raison d'etre of the civilization here is to project military power, rather than vice verse.

Plus, there's a precedent for this model: when the Ents flooded Isengard.


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