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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It's time to blow the lid off the voting fraud story

Yes, the middle-level media bigwigs are starting to weigh in on the side calling for an investigation. Today there was this story from a Vermont editor.

There's this very interesting piece from Florida regarding absentee ballots.

The anecdotal details that are unavailable to the public seem to be reaching a critical mass of conflict and mystery involving police, elections officials, lawyers, candidates, voters and public interest activists, that sparks are starting to fly in Ohio, and Florida.

Media Matters has posted some good coverage of the coverage, but what has to happen now is something quantitatively different: an explosion of public outrage driving relentless and irresistable major media scrutiny.

So, anyway, this is what I told Al Franken about his show today:

Look, Al, I was listening to your show and got p.o.d when you said you were being “responsible” about not fanning the flames of the election fraud investigation.

Your guest, Mike McCurry (or whoever it was) talked about how they had looked at all the irregularities in the numbers, thought through every scenario and concluded that they didn’t want to put the country through a partisan conflict ("bloodbath in the courts” was the phrase he used) when it was unlikely to turn the outcome of the election.

You concurred!

That’s what I’m mad about. Fairness in an election is nonpartisan. The people who worked for the Kerry effort deserve more than to be brushed aside as sore losers by you and Kerry. It’s understandable that John Kerry would want to stay out of this because it’s the people’s fight. But you have been way too dismissive of the cause of voter’s rights and using this election as a window to shed some light on the dark and crooked alleys of disfranchisement.

Sure, as you said, there’re shenanigans in every election, but that doesn’t make it right. The people deserve a fair election and this is the time to fight for it!

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