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Monday, December 20, 2004

the character issue

Remember the accusation of drunk driving that surfaced just before the 2000 election? Or, the accusations about the National Guard duty on AWOL that were never denied by Bush? Is honesty important? How important?

How many people know Laura Bush smokes?

06/15/01 (12:28PM): Smoking Bush "More Liked"
E-talking with Reliable Source author, Lloyd Grove over at the Washington Post, he, of course doubts my concern about ". . . liberal bias . . ." for the DeMedia not (ever) exposing Jackie Kennedy to her adoring public as a pack-a-day smoker, but yet inside of 100 days ". . . smoking Laura Bush out . . ." He adds however, that Laura is more liked by ". . . a number of people. . ." now that they know she's a smoker. That 'revelation' was surprising to me, because I thought all smokers (other than crack, meth and opium) were being stoned to death in D.C.

Character is important because it signifies quality of life and trustworthiness. That is why Jesus emphasized character above other traits.

I don't know anything about Richard Reeves, but he seems to be getting at a kernel of truth in Lying Kills. He's referring to Donald Rumsfeld, but aren't we all guilty by association with whomever we conspire?


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