liberal ["liberalis" L - suitable for a freeman, generous; "eleutheros" Gk - free] (adj) generous, open-minded, not subjugated to authoritarian domination; (n) one who believes in liberty, universal suffrage and the free exchange of ideas. elite ["eslire" Fr -- to choose fr.L "eligere" -- choose] (n) the choice part; best of a class; the socially superior part of society.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Needless to say, with the Ohio recount dragging on and all of us helplessly standing by watching and waiting for the next wave of partisan skirmishing, Media Matters for America has taken the gambit and launched a grass roots fairness campaign against Sinclair Broadcasting, Inc.

They are targeting Sinclair's conservative, biased news coverage, particularly a commentary section entitled, "The Point." The action against Sinclair is being presented on a website, SinclairAction.Com. The Sinclair Action is a joint effort by AlterNet,, MediaMatters, Working Assets, Institute For America's Future, and Media Channel.


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