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Monday, December 27, 2004

washington times

Yahoo news offered this tidbit about the Washington Times. It is a profile of News World Communications, Inc. News World is the publisher of the WT.

The question everyone should be asking, but of course isn't, is, "What is the relationship between Sun Myung Moon -- the owner and publisher of the Times -- and the Republican Party?

Perhaps there's an explanation in this report about an incident in the Dirksen Office Building last Spring. Gorenfeld's Moon watch is still surviving here.

There are some inscrutable but fascinating remarks from Rev. Kwak on what took place in the Senate office building last May. These remarks come to us courtesy of True Parents

I'm beginning to suspect that driving the vast majority of Americans into poverty and destitution through loss of medical insurance, social security privatization, environmental destruction, and war is to provide membership for Reverend Moon's family.

More on Fascism

Tomtech is continuing his informative series over at Dkos. His offering this week is the abbreviated for the holidays version. The highlights are about the ACLU email discovery linking the White House to sanctioning torture. He points out that if the President issued an Executive Order permitting use of certain torture techniques, then use of the techniques was "within the law."

The blogger also does some introspective blogging on the question of exploitation of women, women's rights and sexism in the Bush regime. What he will have to say on this subject, he admits, depends somewhat on his own education and sensitizing to the issues women are dealing with now.

Of course, the great contribution to this school of thought is still the Orcinus treatise, or "essay," as he calls it. I have continued to read it, and find it engrossing. I will have to go back to the beginning of Part I and start all over again, as soon as I am finished. His links serve as a kind of bibliography, but there are too many to follow right away. So there will be at least one additional course through the essay for running through the links, too.


Blogger Grace Reid said...

Executive Order: TortureThe President’s February 7, 2002 memorandum directing that detainees be treated humanely commands this ‘‘humane’’ treatment only ‘‘to the extent appropriate and consistent with military necessity.’’ Because this is not a term recognized by law, it is unclear to what extent the Justice Department or the Administration found it militarily necessary to act inhumanely. (Conyers, H. Res. 700 dissent)

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