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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

1000 words

Rice is the Wrong

Let's face it. The transcripts are too sickening to go over. Anybody who saw 15 minutes of CSPAN yesterday knows this is another disaster in the making.

The woman has brains, but she is also very very narrow minded. She is not creative. She doesn't know anything somebody else hasn't told her. She doesn't have a clue.

She's being put in to not get the job done. That's the whole point.

Her credibility is zero, and so is her independent judgment. She's the chocolate pudding to Bush's whipped cream, but they only manage to comprise a light dessert. The whole cabinet and the President himself seem to be side-dishes, at best. It's Rumsfeld and Cheney, Inc.

Rove, Norquist and Mehlman are going to run everything ... right off the road. Bush, Rice, Snow, and the others are just there to take the blame. That's what they're getting paid for.

So, "Let the blames begin." Talk is cheap.


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