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Monday, January 03, 2005

satan cannot cast out satan

The evangelical Christians are being misled by Republican leaders and that's why they partner in the GOP/Christian alliance.

Abortion has been the wedge issue from the Christian side, but so have militarism, censorship, racism and other unChristian character defects from the liberal side.

The reason the evangelicals align with the right is because they perceive the right to be evangelical, too -- and hence, more amenable to a Christian social agenda -- even though they're not. The American evangelicals are neither Democratic or Republican. But the Republicans have convinced them that they are more like evangelicals than we are.

It's not true. Satan, as always, is deceiving the children of God. But guess what, he's deceiving his own children: us, too.

The evangelicals seek God's righteousness, not man's. So they seem foolish to us when they are led by others who profess God. But we can't persuade them. We don't have the weapons to win the argument.

Anyone who thinks can see that profiling muslims and middle easterners -- or foreigners, for that matter -- trying to dominate the rest of the world through military power, destroying the environment, repressing free speech, impoverishing the poor and enriching the rich are not Jesus's teachings.

But Satan cannot cast out Satan, or, as a famous Republican once quoted Jesus as saying
A house divided against iself cannot stand

Why can't the liberals throw the conservatives off the backs of the evangelicals? Because "Satan cannot cast out Satan."

We are not really any more righteous than the GOP, because we don't seek to do God's will and gain His righteousness.
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you

There is no righteousness in us apart from what is given by our Creator. We cannot throw the elephant off the Christians' backs, but God can.


Blogger GOP Christian said...

"We cannot throw the elephant off the Christians' backs, but God can."

Not yet. Wait for it little one. The GOP is only a temporary waypoint, for even the heavens and the earth shall pass away.

GOP Christian

2:28 PM


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