liberal ["liberalis" L - suitable for a freeman, generous; "eleutheros" Gk - free] (adj) generous, open-minded, not subjugated to authoritarian domination; (n) one who believes in liberty, universal suffrage and the free exchange of ideas. elite ["eslire" Fr -- to choose fr.L "eligere" -- choose] (n) the choice part; best of a class; the socially superior part of society.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

still down

This blog is still rendered inactive by the startup of the new school year.

I have not finished the syllabus for one of my classes yet, even though we are in the 3rd week.

I am really struggling to keep up with the workload, the other job, the family obligations, and preparing for my own continuing ed. at the New School later this fall.

So, patient readers, please indulge me in your kindness and return in another week or two, by which time I hope to have resumed bringing you fact and opinion on the enlightenment that dawns to brighten our universe.

I remain your humble, obedient servant.


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