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Friday, February 17, 2006

roberts email

Honorable Senator Roberts:

I am very disappointed to learn that you do not support the proposal to hold hearings in the Senate Intelligence Committee about the nature, scope, and legality of the NSA domestic surveillance programs.

Since the story uncovering the existence of the "terrorist surveillance" program was published, it has become clear that other secret domestic surveillance programs are in effect. These programs are operating without public knowledge or meaningful Congressional oversight.

Without hearings the public cannot be assured that Congress is monitoring the application of the spying activities.

Based upon earlier experience, the public is very much aware--as I am sure you are--that these programs need to be monitored closely and comprehensively by Congress. How else will you be able to prevent unauthorized, inappropriate, politically motivated surveillance of Americans?

If you aren't willing to provide the public with the assurance of active, thorough, non-partisan oversight of domestic spying by the Bush Administration, how can the public conclude that the Administration is acting lawfully? We can't.

If the Bush Administration were acting lawfully and properly in this matter of surveillance, whether it's through the NSA, the Pentagon, or the FBI, they would be only too happy to use the FISA courts or other avenues provided by Congress for public oversight.

Please hold hearings on domestic surveillance.


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