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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Unions Resurgent

You know that you're a threat when they organize to gang up on you. That's what the big corporations are starting to do (again) to unions in America.

It's bad enough that the Department of Labor has become part of the anti-Union lobby under BushCo, but now there is a new blunderbuss in the arsenal of capitalist megalomania: The Center for Union Facts.


Congratulations on your opening and new publicity campaign. How did you raise all that money so fast? You must have very good connections with big business.

Good luck discrediting unions. Tycoons have been trying to do it since the 1860s, with some success at times. ("Success" here is defined as depressed wages, downgraded working conditions, and lack of benefits for hourly workers.) However, people with a just cause will always win--when we stand together--over people who cause injustice.

It's a free country and "persons" can say whatever they want, even if they are really corporations. Please reconsider your actions conscientiously, though, in light of the concommitant damage to society, in general, that accompanies de-unionization of the labor force. In the last 100 years we saw widespread poverty and disease eradicated by society working as one for the public good. Those are only two of the most obvious common problems resolved since the rise of organized labor. Other social acievements are an improved transportation system, improved environmental conditions, improved literacy rates, extended life expectancy, lower infant mortality rate, increase in home ownership, improved sanitation, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Certainly unions have problems--just like all other institutions in our society. Corruption is the inevitable result of wealth and power. So, I am glad that you are helping to monitor union activity. Your efforts will continue to insure that unions are honest and resurgent in popularity and membership in America.

If only we could say the same for our corporations!

Power to the People,

Florindo J Troncelliti

Now, onward to the Department of Labor!


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