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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Iran, nukes, fear and speculation

OK, most people who have been to Global Research know that Michael Chussudovsky and his comrades over there are pretty overt Communists. Still, as a 1st Amendment American citizen, I'm willing to believe in my educated mind that no one has a monopoly on the truth.

So occasionally I breeze into some of the interesting and speculative writing that they post there, like this article by Michael Keefer.

One of the key thesis statements is:
The ironies are glaring. The U.S. government is contemplating an unprovoked attack upon Iran that will involve “pre-emptive” use of nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear-weapons-holding state. Although the pretext is that this is necessary to forestall nuclear weapons proliferation, there is evidence to suggest that planning for the attack has involved, very precisely, nuclear weapons proliferation by the United States.

It would appear that this sinister complex of criminality involves one further twist. There have been indications that the planned attack may be immediately preceded (and of course ‘legitimized’) by another 9/11-type event within the U.S.
Just as with his 911 planted explosive theory--it's riveting. Is it true? Read it yourself and decide.


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