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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

net neutrality

I'm working my way down the list of phone numbers for my Congressman and Senators. I'm pitching net neutrality. What amazes me is how little they know about it.

This is the First Amendment of the Internet, and the big telecom providers are going to take it away for good this session of Congress if we don't stop them.

The good news is that the financial services sector is going to weigh in on the side of net neutrality, sort of. According to Kristen Roberts at Reuters,

For the financial services sector, which is expected to spend $117 billion on information technology this year, tiered pricing could add billions more in expenses to maintain online banking services and other Web offerings -- costs that could hit the bottom line or be passed on to customers.

This issue has been huge in the blogosphere since last year, but it looks like the corporations are just catching on.

The question is, will the financial services companies do anything to help the cause of the average person? Let's see how this unfolds over the next year or so.


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