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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

democratic details

Let's hope that even if Victor Yushchenko's supporters don't prevail, Bush may still be sacrificed on the altar of democratic high standards, however frivolous and insulting those may be.

In BuzzFlash today, there's a ringing editorial on the psycho-verbal manipulation of the electorate: "framing." Unfortunately, in a society where literacy rates are falling, along with real incomes, living standards and job opportunities, television's talking heads have set up shop in our psyches comparably to the menage of the proverbial "seven spirits" of Matthew's gospel.

As on target as BF's assessment is, I wonder whether we can ever wage successful warfare against the Republicans until we have accepted the moral authority of Jesus. His words are the ultimate authority on earth and he is resurrected, immortalized.

We can frame the fascists all we want, but only the power of God can cast out Satan.


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