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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Operation blizzard

We're now starting to see a few mainstream articles per day on post-election issues. This one starts off okay, but doesn't mention electronic vote tabulation concerns. I started a diary on the Daily Kos which I'm going to use to construct a media contact list, a government and public interest group contact list, and sample emails demanding scrutiny of voting fraud in election 2004.

I've decided to post the entire memo from Chas at BBV for today:

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48 posts Nov-18-04, 10:52 AM (PST)

"Talking Points for Thurday, November 18, 2004"

Today is Thursday, November 18, 2004 and the message to get out there is that this battle is just beginning.
While most of the mainstream media have already declared the election of 2004 over and moved on to other issues, there are tens of thousands of American activists who are not satisfied and are digging deeper. Representatives of BlackBoxVoting.ORG are in Florida auditing the election results and uncovering signs of VOTE FRAUD and/or incompetence and/or equipment malfunctions at each site they visit. The Ohio Green Party and Ohio Libertarian Party have already raised sufficient funds to call for a complete recount of the results in Ohio, where there have been thousands of different allegations of voter suppression and/or technical malfunctions and/or VOTE FRAUD. Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader has been granted a partial recount in New Hampshire where unusual anomalies indicate possible VOTE FRAUD, and may request a FULL recount of New Hampshire after preliminary review of the evidence. There are also investigations and audits under way in New Mexico, Iowa, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and elsewhere. In short, the myth that the 2004 election went off "without a hitch" is quickly being exploded. Mainstream media has been slow to respond to most of these stories, but as mass dissatisfaction with the way the recent election was handled begins to coalesce, we can expect the pressure on them to increase.

ACTION ITEM: Activists who want to get involved in HANDS ON activities should join a free networking group (such as and get together in person in their local area. Promote the message, and get information out there. Print small, one-page leaflets and spread them around. Print posters and get them up. Cite: BlackBoxVoting.ORG and HelpAmericaRecount.ORG and any others.



5. Another great article by a PhD:

Action & Fundraising:

Keep the faith,

Charlie Levenson
Portland, Oregon

If we allow this election to stand without a fight, and the media convinces the masses that it was "fair and trouble-free" then we will never have another honest election in our lifetimes in this country.

bmoney07, Nov-18-04, 11:12 AM, (1)
Another thing "they" might do..., CyberChas, Nov-18-04, 12:05 PM, (2)
RE: Another thing "they" might do..., bmoney07, Nov-18-04, 12:17 PM, (3)

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1. "RE: Talking Points for Thurday, November 18, 2004"
In response to message #0

First of all good to har from you, I was beginning to think that you may have been silenced.
What is your take on the FBI raiding the Cybernet Headquarters in Grand Rapids MI this morning. I know you like to wait for the facts but this seems pretty big.

Is it related to the 6 congressional leaders asking the GAO to investigate/Jeff Fisher?

The reason I ask becasue the forums on Democraticunderground are going crazy right now and no one seems to be able to make heads or tales of this. In other words they are porcessing so much info that it is really going in all directions and this doesn't even include the other headlines making the blogesphere today. People are getting paranoid.

Benton Mobley

Member since Nov-7-04
48 posts Nov-18-04, 12:05 PM (PST)

2. "Another thing "they" might do..."
In response to message #1

I forgot to mention in my "How they will respond to this" post is the following...
If the story and the investigations begin to get serious traction, and media are beginning to publicize it, they will insert some FALSE INFORMATION or RED HERRING into the process. When this RH is debunked, they will try to spin the debunking to include the ENTIRE VOTE FRAUD.

Consider CBS/memogate as a means of totally defusing a growing question about Bush's national guard duty as the prime and best example of this strategy. A couple of well-planted, potentially false (not even necessarily) documents that can be questioned, and the whole story with the 1000 other non-false documents somehow "goes away." (Damn, sometimes I have to give these crooks credit -- they really are brilliant in an evil genius sort of way.)

It is why the strategy of collecting as much solid evidence as possible, making the legal requests as necessary, and going to court when appropriate, but not screaming CONSPIRACY at the first apparent sign of one will serve us best.

Besides, if the FBI seized the material in order to PROTECT those who perpetrated the VOTE FRAUD then there is not a single thing we can do about it. If they seized it to actually INVESTIGATE, then the truth will out, eventually.


Charlie Levenson
Portland, Oregon

Not silenced, just tired and having to do some of my "day job"

If we allow this election to stand without a fight, and the media convinces the masses that it was "fair and trouble-free" then we will never have another honest election in our lifetimes in this country.

Member since Nov-9-04
47 posts Nov-18-04, 12:17 PM (PST)

3. "RE: Another thing "they" might do..."
In response to message #2

I'm with you on the fact that there is nothing we can really do with the FBI situation.
Lets say the FBI, the GAO and even possible congressional hearings proove FRAUD which is what we would like to see.

Will anybody REALLY be punished or will the government/angencies involve just give slap on the wrists to the people involved?

I just think that this country is under the spell that no matter who gets involved and what he results are that there will be no real hard conscequences to the criminals.

Did Clinton get impeached?
Is Martha Stewart doing hard time?
Are all of the Enron people tried and convicted?
What ever happen to Bunnatine Greenhouse the pentagon whistle blower on Haliburton?
It's like a combination of a self serving and self protecting vicious cycle.

Its just ashame that we can not get the other side of the country to get more involved in protecting our democracy/votes - regardless of who they elected.

When are ALL of the people going to rise and start to take back what is rightfully theirs?

Maybe this maybe not

Benton Mobley


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