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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Boo Man & the NSA

Over on Boo Man Tribune, Omir the Storyteller writes:
Once the Democrats get their hands back the reins of power they will have subpoena power and call investigations that actually investigate something. They know that as soon as that happens, the jig is up.
Let's see if the Democrats win control of a chamber. I'll bet they don't. Not either chamber. Why? Because the cons have too much to lose and will do whatever is necessary to save their collective ass.

This is the party of Negroponte. This is the party of Rumsfeld, Cheney & Rice. This is the party of Tom DeLay, Orren Hatch and that old maid, Charles Grassley.

If Pat Roberts and Alberto Gonzales are willing to publicly go to these lengths to prevent an investigation into the NSA programs, do you really think they are going to allow an investigation in 2007? No. They're going to stop at nothing, including nuclear war, if necessary, and including martial law--apparently--to maintain their grip of fear, lawlessness, threats, and secrecy over the media, the military and the American people.

Now that the fascist leaders themselves are threatened with legal reprisals, they are going be forced to up the ante with a newer bigger crisis.

But they are in a position to turn against and silence their political enemies as long as they have the threat of terrorism backing up their domestic surveillance and Patriot Act imprisonments.

When will the first journalists go to jail for reporting leaked classified information? That will go a long way toward silencing the already-muted press corps.

The NSA is way out of control--and so is every other agency in the government, now. The civil servants know that if they don't play ball with the team they are going to the showers, too. So let's see what happens. Let's see what happens in the fall, in November, with the mid-term elections.

I predict that no matter how badly the Republicans fall out of favor with the public, and no matter how certain a Democratic victory in both houses seems, it won't happen. The Republicans will retain their majority, and the curtain will finally rise on the era of American fascism.


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