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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Pentagon Plane

Here's what the 911Truth people said to me about the new video.

For all in NYC, we hope you'll tune in to this radio show. For all who are elsewhere, check out the downloads at

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Today the Pentagon released what was touted as new video footage of what is supposed to be Flight 77 striking the building on 9/11 to Fox News. Leading up to the release commentators were saying this would conclusively disprove "conspiracy theorists" claims that no plane hit the Pentagon and it would be over, once and for all. I'm sure you'll see this on the news tonight and in coming days, as well as on sites like 9/ and After all the buildup, it turned out to be a huge anti-climax because there is no clear indication of a Boeing 767, there is a false claim that the plane hit the lawn and kicked up dirt, and much more.

Below is a letter to the Dayside program ( from Tim Paulson, and another one from myself. I urge everyone to take some of these points and blast your email lists, media, call-in shows, etc.
Dear Dayside hosts,

Having witnessed your presentation of the Department of Defense video of a "757 striking the Pentagon" I can only say I am beyond "underwhelmed," as you commentators admitted to feeling. I am outraged. There is no plane in that shot. Neither did your commentators say they saw one. Even the expert had to admit that if there was a "nosecone" visible, it wasn't apparent in the video we were all looking at. Futhermore, that expert went on to say he could see "dirt flying up" as if knocked into the air by the plane.

Why then don't we see the plane that "knocked the dirt" up? If we see the dirt, then the camera should also capture the plane that knocks the dirt up. Furthermore, the lawn in front of the Pentagon was left famously pristine--even though a 757 has its engines slung on the underside of the wing, where they would almost certainly strike the ground. More damning still, we see a contrail in the shot--the wisp of smoke that streaks along the ground at missile speed. Jet planes only leave contrails at high altitude, and even then, its the condensation of water particles that produces the contrail, not the engines, which burn clean at any altitude--kerosene fumes are invisible.

I say this as the author of How to Fly a 747 (John Muir Press, 1991) which I did in cooperation with Boeing. I witnessed a 747 close up, fully revved, no visible contrail at all. Nothing.

All of these things--the fact that we see no 70 foot high tail, no 40 foot in diameter fuselage but we do see a contrail--add up to proof that a plane DID NOT STRIKE THE PENTAGON.

The shoe is now on the other foot. Only a conspiracy theory nut job could insist that this video is evidence of a plane striking the Pentagon. I would ask such an individual--where is the plane? Why is there that white streak? And wait for the answer.

Which would not come. Because there is no reasonable explanation other than to say it was a missile--which does leave a contrail. Because like the Space Shuttle or any other rocket motor propelled device, missiles DO leave contrails.

And please. Tell me why you did not have a Pentagon spokesman to explain where the plane is in the tape. That's the reason they're showing it, putatively, to show the plane hitting the Pentagon. Where is Colin Powell with his pointer? Where's the Pentagon expert to circle the "nose cone" or whatever piece of the plane they claim to have captured on film?

Please address these questions. The public has a right to answers.

Timothy Paulson
Dear Dayside hosts,

After more than 4 1/2 years of secrecy, a transparently fraudulent investigation, photos of an untouched lawn near the impact zone, testimony about Hani Janjour's terrible pilot skills by his flight instructor, a near impossible 270 degree turn while descending 7,000 feet within 2 minutes, there's no way the government can all of a sudden provide credible proof a plane hit the Pentagon. Furthermore, with no NTSB investigation, contrary to legal requirements, the whole case for a plane hitting the Pentagon is unsupportable. Let's remember, the government has lied about every reason for invading Iraq, issues of torture and rendition, Saddam's connection to 9/11, getting court orders for wiretaps, not knowing the levees in New Orleans would break, just to name a few. There is no reason to believe we've been told the truth about what really happened on 9/11. Just asked the 9/11 families who compiled 400 questions, most of which were ignored by the 9/11 Commission. Then try to explain how WTC7 collapsed at 5:20 PM in a freefall although it wasn't hit by any plane and why the media has been silent about it.

Les Jamieson
Brooklyn, NY

Folks, this is a huge setback for the official deception. Let's do all we can to capitalize on it and end the tyranny of criminal, treasonous actions at the highest level of our government, military, media, and intelligence complex.

Truth will prevail,


My favorite part is, "The shoe is now on the other foot. Only a conspiracy theory nut job could insist that this video is evidence of a plane striking the Pentagon."


Blogger Energy Monkey said...

I have yet to see a plane in that video and the only way Americans can be assured if a plane crashed into the Pentagon is the release of the Citgo Gas Station video.

11:58 PM


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