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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Gimme A Break

The mainstream news media have been excusing their lack of 2004 election fraud coverage by bemoaning a lack of factual, documented evidence in the 2004 Vote Fraud accusations that have been so prevalent on the internet since November 2nd.

Even Keith Olbermann has decried the lack of facts in the conspiracy theories. For every expert who comes forward with exit poll statistics and long odds, there's another expert who talks about another, less sensational interpretation of the numbers.

Yet, through it all, the Columbus Ohio hearings on the election speak the disturbing, irrefutable truth about the crisis in the 2004 Presidential election. Fritakis & Wasserman's November 25th article in the Free Press highlights the kind of testimony that damns the conventional wisdom of fair elections in Ohio and, for all we know, across the U.S.


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