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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tom Delay

Tom DeLay

"We're google bombing Tom Delay:" an entry by danthrax on Daily Kos

It the Civil War taught us anything, though, it's that politicians like Tom DeLay and George Bush, however much they try to run the whole country into the ground, are too chronically self-destructive to ever get that far.

So I don't subscribe, anyway, to the racist, separationist, oversimplistic analysis on Democratic Undergound, "The New Civil War," by Ted McClelland. Actually, some of the writing isn't bad, and he seems to have researched a little of the demographics behind his thesis: Warring groups in England migrated to different areas of the US where they continue their regional conflicts.

He talks about the different character or psyche of the different social or geographic groups in America in a way reminiscent of Plato's analogy of Justice In The State. But he fails to understand the pervasive plurality of the American soul, and the essentially illusory quality of sectional character. It is superficial. People are not just a product of their environment, or even of their society. We are a mixtue of a lot of things. The sectional disunity of America was an illusion, one of the big miscalculations politicians made, especially in terms of another illusion: the local unity they so much wanted to stand upon.

Ohio, Michigan, Missouri and Indiana were full of southern sympathizers. So was Pennsylvania. Also, there are counties in Western North and South Carolina that have never voted anything but Republican.

One of the greatest of all post-bellum Yankee Bards -- Robert L. Frost -- was fatherd by a New England Confederate. Frost's father ran away to Virginia as a boy to fight against the "Yankee imperialists," and after the war sired an heir named after his hero, Robert Lee.

In 2004 the red states are stocked with Democrats, pro choice, equal opportunity, environmentalist, educated, responsible citizens. And the blue states have plenty of corporate schills and reign of terror-ists. It's not going to be as bad as 1860. There's no way they can thrust that kind of a disaster on us -- we are a plurality of pluralities.


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